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Dental Health & Wellness

We encourage lifelong health with preventative dentistry

Lee Dental Centers values your overall health and wellness through caring restorative and family dentistry. We know good oral health and preventative care can positively influence other areas of your life. Unfortunately, anxiety surrounding dental treatment can sometimes prevent patients from getting the care they need. To ensure your peace of mind and quality of care, we offer comprehensive San Antonio dental solutions, including sedation dentistry, to help minimize or eliminate any anxiety you might have.

At each location in San Antonio, our dental hygienists are specially trained to educate you on the preventative care that can be taken at home. To encourage preventative care whenever possible, we also provide custom-made sports and sleep mouthguards. Both types of mouthguards protect teeth from trauma, clenching, or grinding, which preserves tooth structure and prevents permanent damage.

We also believe our metal-free fillings are a form of preventative dentistry. In the past, metal fillings were used to restore teeth. These metal fillings require a substantial amount of tooth removal, and can cause chipping and cracking in teeth, making it necessary to replace them. With metal-free fillings, we can preserve more of your healthy tooth structure.

Bring your questions to our San Antonio dentists and you can count on an amazing experience.