Sedation Dentistry San Antonio

Sedation Dentistry in San Antonio

Isn't it time you had a truly relaxing dental experience?

Although the dental industry has come a long way in terms of patient comforts, there are many people who still avoid going to the dentist due to anxiety. We understand and we can help! At Lee Dental Centers, our patients achieve the dentistry they need and deserve through our sedation dentistry services. Sedation dentistry helps San Antonio dental patients relax by safely inducing a medicine-induced state of sedation.


Nitrous Oxide, the "Laughing Gas"

Many of our patients appreciate the relaxing effects of Nitrous Oxide gas or laughing gas during their procedures. They have the benefits of a relaxing appointment without the longer recovery time associated with other forms of sedation


IV Sedation

Our board-certified periodontist is able to perform IV sedation, where you will be in a subconscious state for your dental procedure. You will have no sensation of pain and often no memory of the procedure at all. Imagine your teeth and gums get the treatment they need, while you never experience the sounds, smells and sensations of the dental office.


Furthermore, the personalized care and compassionate service from Lee Dental Centers can relieve tension about San Antonio sedation dentistry or any dental procedure. When you call or come in for any dental service, we explain your dental options so you understand your treatment. You are actively involved in the decisions regarding your dental care, which often alleviates anxiety about receiving treatment. We will always discuss your current state of oral health and the implications it presents for your future. You are encouraged to ask questions, from anything about insurance to the types of dental materials we use.

Lee Dental Centers provides soothing and effective sedation dentistry for San Antonio, Leon Springs, Boerne, New Braunfels, Schertz and Garden Ridge, TX.