Orthodontics San Antonio

Orthodontics in San Antonio

Several options to fit your lifestyle!

Our dentists are specially trained to correct malocclusion or misalignment of teeth. Through the use of appliances or clear Bioliners, teeth gently move into the desired position. Lee Dental Centers offers San Antonio orthodontics for young children, as well. By treating these children before adolescence, functional appliances can help address their orthodontic needs early in life.

Straight teeth can help anyone look and feel good. Lee Dental Centers understands that San Antonio orthodontics patients come in different ages and stages in life, which is why we offer a variety of treatment options, including:



Braces are often the quintessential orthodontic method that come to mind first. They are revered by orthodontists and dentists for their proven results. Teeth can gradually be shifted into beautiful positions, giving you an attractive and confident smile. We can used metal or tooth colored brackets. Talk to our doctors about which system is right for you.




Bioliners offer a fast, affordable solution for straightening your teeth. Best of all, this system uses clear aligners! Bioliners are comfortable, nearly invisible, and removable--very convenient.


If you are a candidate for this type of San Antonio orthodontics, you will receive a series of two custom Bioliners. The first aligner has soft silicone inserts which gently push on the teeth causing them to move. The second aligner is more rigid and completes the remaining movement. Bioliners are excellent at rotating front teeth, closing spaces and moving teeth forward or backwards. Schedule a consultation for Bioliners today!


Early Orthodontic Intervention

Your children deserve beautiful, healthy smiles. We offer early childhood treatment for orthodontics or for patients with adverse dental habits. By using functional appliances we can help correct underdeveloped jaws, narrow arches, crowded teeth, deep overbites, thumb sucking habits and jaw joint problems. Let a Lee Dental Centers orthodontist or children's dentist meet your child’s orthodontic needs as early as possible!

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