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Our specialty dental services include bone grafting, dental implants, and complete orthodonic treatments

When you need dental care outside a general dentist's scope of expertise, it can be a challenge to build trust and rapport with a new dentist. Not to mention, providing all your personal and insurance information to a new dental office. At Lee Dental Centers, we have assembled a team of dental experts who can help you with the specialty services you may need.

  • Dr. Gorday, Periodontist: for dental implants, gum grafting, and periodontal surgery
  • Dr. Gonzales, Orthodontist: for a complete range of teeth straightening options
  • Dr. Tucker, Oral Surgeon: for dental implant placement and wisdom tooth extractions
  • Dr. Liang, Endodontist: for root canal therapy and diagnosis of tooth pain

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Older woman smiling - Orthodontics

Dr. Gonzales is our orthodontist who is specially trained to correct malocclusion or misalignment of teeth for adults and children. We offer a variety of orthodontic options to help cater to your dental needs, including braces, and Clear Correct® clear aligners. Call us today to schedule your consultation to figure out which treatment is right for you.

Teenage boy smiling after his wisdom teeth extractions
Wisdom Teeth Extractions

Even if wisdom teeth are not causing pain, it is wise to have them examined by your dentist. Most people have their wisdom teeth removed by an oral surgeon between ages 18-25 to prevent crowing issues and damage to other teeth. Dr. Tucker is our experienced oral surgical specialist who can extract impacted wisdom teeth with minimal pain and discomfort.

Older Woman Smiling and Laughing - Dental Implants
Dental Implants

A dental implant is placed into your jaw bone, making it a permanent tooth replacement option. Then, a beautiful and natural-looking crown is placed on the implant, finishing the process. Our implant specialist, Dr. Gorday, also offers implant-supported dentures for a more secure fit than traditional dentures.

Root canals can be completed painlessly with modern dental techniques
Root Canals

If a tooth becomes severely damaged by decay or injury, the inside of your tooth may become infected. A root canal procedure removes the damaged pulp to save your tooth. Root canals are not as scary as you might think. Advances in dentistry have made the procedure almost painless. Our award-winning Endodontist, Dr. Liang is committed to providing a comfortable and pain-free experience.

Couple smiling after periodontics dental care

Periodontics is dentistry specializing in the gums, tissues, and structures that support the teeth. Dr. Gorday is a highly trained and experienced Periodontist that performs various periodontal procedures including gum grafting, bone grafting, ridge preservation, treatment of periodontal disease with flap and osseous surgery, guided bone and tissue regeneration, crown lengthening, esthetic crown lengthening, dental implants, and computer-generated surgical guided implant surgery.

‘‘Very detailed inspection and dental plan, strong and no mercy suggestions, an array of financial proposals, delicate and meticulous treatment. Very knowledgeable team with a contagious smile. ’’

– Pepe E., Actual Patient

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